About Us

– Small and sealed cultivation rooms ensure that high-quality results are always achieved. We stay away from commercial, open, warehouse-style cultivation and focus on small-batch, high-potency Cannabis. Small environments provide specific strains with ideal environments to thrive, and enables flower and resin production to consistently reach full potential.

– People care for our Cannabis plants, not automated systems. This ensures each and every plant receives the attention it needs to thrive. Once our plants are removed from the flowering rooms, they are immediately hand-trimmed. Trimming Cannabis plants by hand achieves a level of precision unattainable with machine trimmers, ensuring buds and trichomes stay intact.

– After trimming, plants are carefully hung and dried to maintain medicinal quality, flavors, and aromas. Once the buds are properly dried they are clipped from the stems and placed in food-grade vacuum-sealed containers for storage and curing. This preserves potency and brings out more pronounced aromas and flavors.