Digital Health Ecosystem 2020

Digital Health Ecosystem 2020


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Health care stakeholders can no longer lag on digital transformation, and tapping into innovation can sate convenience-hungry consumers and tackle some massive obstacles compressing their bottom lines.

Personalization and convenience have ended up being table stakes in almost every market, and customers are extending demands for these digital-powered experiences to healthcare– United States customers have actually revealed a determination to jump ship to care services that can supply them with much better digital experiences.

Not just do health care incumbents that embrace digitization stand to draw in mindshare with customers requiring hyper-convenient care, however they can also leverage development to attract business and avoid overspending. Payers are integrating digital tools into their advantages plans to improve health outcomes and slash care expenses, while health systems are turning to telemedicine and AI to fight labor lacks and relieve the transition to new compensation designs. And in the background, pharma companies and medical device makers are betting on digital tech to branch into brand-new profits streams, and suppliers are tapping blockchain to obstruct cash-draining holes in supply chains.

Incumbents that do not react risk losing service to new entrants equipped with digital expertise to cut expenses and stay active. Big tech business– including Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft– and niche digital entrants, such as American Well and Livongo, are developing out their companies, intruding on incumbent territory, and increasing competition.

Digital Health Startups & Companies

Here are a few of the leading digital health tech start-ups and companies:

  • Amazon
  • Fitbit
  • Uber
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Walmart

These entrants aim to lure customers from conventional health care players through their consumer-first, tech-focused techniques. And because they’re less encumbered by enormous member populations and old facilities, they could be much better placed to roll out digital solutions and lure in consumers. That’s why we’re seeing entrenched players plan to take advantage of the services these beginners provide– through partnerships and acquisitions– instead of lose pieces of their service to them.

In this report, Organization Insider Intelligence will explore the current healthcare ecosystem, the essential patterns driving digital change, and what we anticipate to see in the year ahead. Initially, we untangle the market’s web of stakeholders and detail how each is touched by digital change.

We then sketch out the patient journey from the very first point of health engagement all the method through compensation, highlighting how digital change opens pathways outside the standard journey of care shipment. Next, we take a look at the technologies driving the digital health boom as well as the companies leading the push. We map out the investment areas attracting the most funding to assist light up the future of digital health delivery.

The companies pointed out in this report are: 23 andMe, Aetna, Akili Interactive, Alphabet, Amazon, Amazon Care, Amazon Web Solutions, American Well, AmerisourceBergen, Origins, Anthem, Apple, Atomwise, Atrium Health, Black Thorn Therapies, Blue Cross Blue Guard, CVS, CVS Caremark, Cardinal Health, Cerner, Cleveland Clinic, Clover Health, Color, DePuy Synthes, Devoted Health, Dexcom, Medical Professional as needed, Eli Lilly, Express Scripts, First Stop Health, Fitbit, Fresenius Treatment, GE Health Care, Geisinger, GlaxoSmithKline, Google, Health Care Service Corporation, Health Catalyst, Henry Schein Medical, Humana, InTouch Health, Insilico, Intermountain Health Care, Jefferson Health-Northeast, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, Lark, Livongo, Lyft, Mass General Hospital, McKesson, MediBloc, Meditech, Medtronic, Merck, Microsoft, Mount Sinai, Noom, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Northern Light Health, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Ochsner Health System, Omada, Omron, One Drop, One Medical, OptumInsights, OptumRx, Oscar Healh, PWNHealth, Pear Therapies, Pfizer, Philips, PillPack, Propeller Health, Providence St. Joseph, Quartet Health, ResMed, Rite Aid, Roche, Sanofi, Senseonics, Solera Health, Stanford Medication, Suki, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Talkspace, Tempus, TrialSpark, UCI Health System, Uber, Unite United States, UnitedHealth Group, Verily, Verizon, Virta Health, Walmart, and ZocDoc.

Here are some essential takeaways from this report:

  • United States healthcare incumbents can no longer shy away from digital improvement, as it can offer solutions to prevalent obstacles permeating every corner of the health care community.
  • Health care stakeholders sprinkled throughout the landscape are planning how particular digital tools can resolve their unique needs– and failing to implement ingenious tech can mean higher spending and loss of company down the line.
  • Steering health care’s quick digitization is a bevy of factors, consisting of a convenience-hungry consumer base, an increase in leveraging wide-ranging medical and nonclinical factors to direct individualized care, and rising persistent disease costs.
  • Tech giants and fast-moving digital health upstarts are racing onto the scene– they stand to benefit tradition gamers looking for partners, however also threaten to gnaw at slow incumbents’ bottom lines.
  • Secret digital health solutions like telehealth, digital rehabs, genetic screening services, AI, wearables, cloud computing, and blockchain are catalyzing the health care industry’s digital transformation.
  • Evidence that digital health can complete some significant spaces in the health care market is stoking attention from incumbents and investors alike, with US digital health financing advancing an upward trajectory, particularly in sectors like AI and tech options for behavioral health.

In full, the report:

  • Provides a blueprint of the traditional United States healthcare system and explains how digitization is shaking up the traditional patient journey.
  • Determines crucial players operating in the space– including notable incumbents embracing going digital along with tech-focused newcomers.
  • Explores the pervasive concerns plaguing the US healthcare system that are stiring the need for digitization.
  • Explores how special tradition players– insurance providers, hospitals, manufacturers, and distributors– can utilize digital health to improve operations and get a benefit in their particular sectors.
  • Determines crucial digital health financing areas and considers what the future of the digital health space appears like.

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